A toddler sits in tears 
At a breakfast table 
With his mother. 
When is he coming back?"
His mother, 
Stares at him, blank eyed, 
Stifles a sigh
And lies:
I'll let you in
On a little secret:
He won't be back in a while 
Because he
Is a Superhero!"
A white lie 
But a lie

Several countries away
A soldier lies in a trench 
Battered and bruised 
Wilting like a dried flower 
Waiting for Death's cold embrace.

The little child looks up, 
"What kind of hero?"
He fights the bad guys. 
And he had to go to the moon 
On a super secret mission. 
It'll be some time 
Before he's allowed

The soldier,
Sensing his life
Leaving him, 
Clutches his chest, 
And grimaces:
"God, give my family strength, 
To move on."
His last words:
A silent prayer. 
Just before he passed

A huge grin on his face, 
The boy exclaims, 
"When I grow up, 
I'm gonna be a hero
Just like daddy!"
Even as she fought back tears, 
His mother chanced upon 
A realization:

Her husband may have died
A statistic;
One of many numbers, 
The byproducts of cruel
Cruel war. 
And what she had said earlier 
May have been but
Pacifying words
To soothe
An ailing heart
That didn't know, that wouldn't understand. 
But every bit of it was true:
Her husband, her sons father, 
Was truly a hero. 
Always was, 
Always will be.


  1. can u add counter view to ur blog

  2. Boring, meaningless poem , long to read ....
    But u r creativity is just awesome
    Make it shorter if u can ..... (65/100)

  3. Its like a big story....... btw it really sucks

  4. That was just spectacular, mate! Keep up the work, you'll find a favourable path.

  5. That, my friend, is pure poetry! ^_^

  6. Awesome piercing poetry.As a mom of a toddler i can relate to the context, when its hard to console my son crying for his dad who will be back in the evening its a real pain to tell a small heart that his father would never come!

  7. only a few people in this world think, glad that you are one of them


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